Spray Tanning Prep & Care


Tips for the Perfect Tan

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the crux of any pre-tan routine. The night before your tan use

 Sinless Sun Refine Exfoliating Cleanser with fruit acids that buffs off dead skin cells and moisturizes all in one easy step ($16). Scrubbing off dead skin ensures an even tan and helps your moisturizer penetrate more effectively. Soak in a warm bath first to loosen dead skin.

Step 2: Defuzz

Shave the night before your tan (men and women only shave what you normally shave). We also use a very gentle wax for our services, so you can wax and tan in the same day if you are getting waxed with us. With other waxes, waxing the day before your tan will give your skin a chance to calm down. 

Step 3: Moisturize

After your tan, pick a lotion with Shea Butter, Aloe or Vitamin E. Our Sinless Sun Invigorating Body Lotion ($15) or Sinless Sun Sugar Smoothie Body Crème ($16) with a subtle shimmer to reflect light will help extend the life of your tan. Remember NOT to wear moisturizer the day you get your tan, though.

Step 4: Protect

Wear a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection-from both UVA & UVB rays. Try Sinless Sun Daily Mineral Guard SPF 25 ($19) with Soybean Extract to aid in cellular repair and reverse the signs of UV damage.

Pre-Tan Prep Instructions

  1. Shower, cleanse skin with an all-natural soap.  Please do not use moisturizing soaps or oily exfoliants. Make sure there is no mineral oil or petroleum in the products as these chemicals act as a plastic wrap, which essentially suffocates your skin and blocks your tan.  Products to avoid include Dove, Cetaphil, Oil of Olay and most other generic brands. Please check the ingredients on your soap to make sure they do not contain these ingredients. They will end up making your tan look uneven and blotchy. Also, avoid using tea tree melaleuca oil before or after your tan)
  2. Exfoliate the night before your tan scrub to smooth skin and eliminate rough spots. It will help the tan take better.
  3. Shave or wax the night before is best (wax or shave at least 6 hours prior to tanning)
  4. Pumice both heels and feet. 
  5. Do not moisturize. Avoid all oily or moisturizing cleansers & lotions before tanning.
  6. Please let us know if you use Retin-A products or have recently done a chemical peel.
  7. Please not wear deodorant the day of your tan.
  8. If you wish to wear a bathing suit or underwear, wear black or a dark color.
  9. Wear or bring flip flops or other loose shoes for after your tan. Avoid socks if possible.
  10. Men are required to wear underwear.

Post-Tan Care: Extend the Life of Your Tan

  1. After your spray it is best to wear loose washable cotton clothing as some rub off can occur. 
  2. If you must wear a bra after tanning, it is best to wear a strapless one or loosen the straps on a regular bra so it doesn't leave marks.
  3. If you are wearing a dress or a skirt be careful not to cross your legs.
  4. Shower 8-10 hours after your tan.
  5. Be sure to shower before you exercise.
  6. You can sleep with solution on - it will wash out of sheets.
  7. If you do sleep in the solution, to ensure that you don't stain your hands or palms orange, please wear a full nightshirt and bottom to sleep in. We also have white gloves for purchase.
  8. Be careful not to touch yourself as the solution can transfer to your fingers and palms.
  9. To prevent staining your hands, wipe your palms and fingers clean with a wet towel or wet wipe if you touch your skin.
  10. If you have very fair skin, it is best to tan eight hours prior to going to sleep, as very fair skin can sometimes over-process if solution is left on overnight.
  11. Use a daily gentle moisturizing body wash, like Sinless Sun Sugar Sweet Body Wash to gently cleanse and hydrate skin.
  12. Don't use wash cloths, loofahs, scrubs or any exfoliants after tanning.
  13. Pat your skin dry. Do not rub freshly tanned skin with a towel.
  14. Moisturize skin twice daily to maintain your healthy glow. Try Sinless Sun Sugar Smoothie Body Crème or Avocado Body Lotion.
  15. Avoid petroleum and mineral oil or baby skincare products.
  16. Don't exercise for at least 8 hours or until after you have showered. 
  17. Our formula is non-staining but you may see it on lighter colors. Our tanning solutions do come out in the wash. 
  18. A Sinless Sun tan should last at least 7 days.
  19. If your skin is severely dry or scaly your tan may fade faster. Exfoliate to remove all dry scaly skin before tanning to help extend its life and to help with an uneven fade.  Over time, regular exfoliation and moisturizing will extend the life of your tan.
  20. Limit time spent in hot-tubs and steam rooms.  Protect your tan from chlorinated pools by wearing a waterproof sunblock. 
  21. Our tanning solution does not contain sunscreens.
  22. If you are exposing your skin to the sun, PLEASE wear sun protection like Sinless Sun Daily Mineral Guard SPF 25. It is essential to your skin and your health!

  • After 8-10 hours, take a shower and rinse off, pat dry, moisturize.
  • If you think you are too dark, use some gentle soap.
  • If your color is perfect, just rinse off until bronzer is gone.
  • If you feel your color is on the light side just take a super quick rinse. Do not spend a lot of time in the shower water. You'll notice that even after a quick shower your tan may develop a little bit more. 
  • If you are one of the few who get a DHA odor, use a very small amount of soap during your first shower. Worst-case scenario, odor should go away within 24 hours of your first shower.