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Yes, you can get a guiltless glow without exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. We have a selection of tanning services to protect and soothe your skin with our natural looking sunless tanning solutions. We also offer Lycon waxing services, so you can tan and wax in the same day.


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Body Treatments


Tan Extend Booster - $8

Lengthen the life of your tan with this boost which combines the sag-stopping power of our firm+tone tan plus the super-hydrators in our moisture-lock tan. This boost includes choice of aroma: crisp tangerine, fresh lavender or warm vanilla.


SnowBunny Skin Treatment - $16

Winterize your skin with this treatment that exfoliates and tones your skin, then leaves it deeply hydrated with our new deep moisture treatment. Also gets skin in great shape for tanning.



Prep Spray - $8

This service prepares the skin by rinsing and lightly exfoliating off the day's grime, balancing skin PH and opening up the pores in order to allow the skin to absorb as much of our tanning solution is possible. The prep spray is a good option if you have been at work all day, working out before your appointment, or if you have lotion or deodorant on your skin when you come in for your appointment.

Gift Certificates + Packages

Give the gift of Sinless Sun with a gift certificate good towards our products and services. Simply let us know how much you want the certificate for! We can email certificates right to you to make giving and getting easy and convenient. Our gift certificates are transferable and never expire.


We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.