What We Do?

About Us

Sinless Sun Spray tanning is a custom airbrush tanning boutique, we specialize in giving our clients the most natural-looking tan to fit their skin tone and desired look, so you can feel confident to take on the world.

Our friendly and skilled airbrush tanning artists create your tanning formula specifically for you, this is not a one-size-fits-all spray tan. 

Whether you're getting married, going on vacation or want a little bit of color just for fun we have you covered (no pun intended).

Sinless Sun is proud to offer spray tans using all-natural, anti-aging, ingredients to ensure a radiant, golden brown glow-NEVER orange! Get that sun-kissed skin the healthy way all year round!

Our specialized team of highly skilled, extensively trained technicians will ensure you will have an amazing experience every time!


For the TAN of your LIFE and the LIFE of your TAN!

Prepare your skin. Maintain your tan. Prolong your tan. 

Our skincare products blend the best of nature with the latest science has to offer.

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Yes, you can get a guiltless glow without exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. We have a selection of tanning services to protect and soothe your skin with our natural looking sunless tanning solutions. 

Why Sinless Sun Spray Tanning?

Natural & UV-Free Airbrush Tanning


As a glow-getter you will be happy to hear you can enhance your skin tone without exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. How? By protecting your skin with our natural looking sunless tan. We customize our solutions to your skin tone, so go from winter-white to a gorgeous golden glow — or all the way to just-back-from-Cabo honey brown.

We deliver results that are unsurpassed by any other means of tanning on the market. Only one airbrush tanning salon in Denver can say that its owner has personally developed our food-grade tanning solution. She handpicked each of the organic ingredients to create a healthy, gorgeous tanning solution that is unique to our salon. No dyes, no toxic chemicals. Our tanning solution is paraben and phenoxyethanol free. Our beauty products are phenoxyethanol free.

All of our tanning solutions are bottled and safety-sealed for superior stability and freshness using the same stringent process nutritional supplement manufacturing. Due to the quality, purity and freshness of our ingredients, Sinless Sun will give you a beautiful, golden bronze tan that will last for days and nourish your skin.

The Right Color


We know that there's a fine line between a believable faux-tan and an oompa loompa; that's why at Sinless Sun spray tanning we take pride in the fact that our airbrush tanning solutions are never orange.

We focus on tanning for specific skin tones so you are never darker than you should be. We always help you determine which of our solutions will work best for you and customize your tan for your skin color. So you can go from winter-white to that glowing golden tone with Sinless Sun, without the worry of an orange, unnatural look.

Quick & Easy


We provide a fast, in-and-out service. Since our solution dries almost instantly so you will get your perfect tan in 15 minutes.

Lasting Results


A Sinless Sun Spray Tan will give you a beautiful, golden bronze tan that will last 7-10 days.  Love the skin you are in; be gentle, pat dry. Keep your skin well moisturized.

Our formulas are not only the best sunless tanning solutions in the world, but also the most natural. One application is all it takes to achieve a sun-kissed natural glow or a deep dark just back from the beach bronzed tan.

Top 10 Reasons to Spray Tan


  1. No harmful UV damage or sun-spots
  2. Will not cause premature aging and wrinkles
  3. No sun burning
  4. Instant bronze color
  5. Customized color
  6. Look slimmer
  7. Appear healthier 
  8. Teeth look whiter 
  9. Eyes seem brighter 
  10. Even out tan lines

Feel Great & Feel Confident

Top Reasons to get a Sinless Sun Tan

Top Reasons To Get a Spray Tan

1. Just Because

2. Weddings and Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

3. Vacations

4. Parties, Dances & Proms

5. Professional Dance & Competition 

4. Holiday Parties

5. First Dates & Anniversaries

6. Birthdays 

7. Outdoor Adventures

8. Concerts