Behind Sinless Sun

Alix Peterson, Sinless Sun Spray Tanning Studio, Denver Colorado

On the Art, and the Artist

Alix Peterson is no novice to the beauty industry. Having worked for Estee Lauder corporate for 18 years prior to opening Sinless Sun Spray Tanning Studio in Denver, Colorado, she is well versed in all that is beauty and the ever-lasting quest for the elusive fountain of youth. In 2006, Alix left her position as Director of Business Development for Aveda to start a family. Shortly after her son Max was born, Alix came across the world of spray tanning. Her appreciation of the beauty industry and her natural inquisitiveness led her to investigate the spray tan products being used at that time. Alix was shocked to discover that the spray tanning products on the market were full of toxins and dyes. Having nurtured a love for natural beauty products over the course of her career, Alix went to work contacting cosmetic chemists and ultimately helped to develop the first all natural, non toxic, dye free sunless tanning product solution. Her unique all-natural cosmeceutical tanning formula containing the pure elements of water, food-grade aloe-vera, beat sugar, sugar cane, and anti-oxidants from berries became a one-of-a-kind hit almost overnight. Peterson’s creation of a completely food-grade based, sunless spray tan formula quickly prompted the writing of a business plan and ultimately led to the very successful opening of her studio, Sinless Sun, in 2008. Within its first year, Alix’ beaming clientele voted her number one Best Airbrush Spray Tan on Denver’s Prestigious A-List Annual ABC Recommendations.

Currently located in the beautiful rocky mountain shopping district of Cherry Creek, Ms Peterson’s business continues to flourish. Her life-long dedication to helping people feel beautiful while using safe, pure beauty products has prompted Alix to design various moisture care systems that help to support and nourish her perfect sunless tans. Meanwhile, she nourishes a passion for sustainability as well, continuing to build a loyal clientele around a completely gorgeous green business.

There is no doubt that Sinless Sun Spray Tan Studio is markedly, one of a kind….and though Ms Alix Peterson is too humble to say it, her clients will tell you that the artist behind the airbrush, is as well.

-Amanda Smith

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